Quality is of the utmost concern to us and our customers. That is why since 1992 we have had an industry leading quality control program modeled extensively after the ISO 9002 program. Every piece of equipment you order is subject to rigorous quality control measures and extensive documentation. Each piece of equipment we sell includes a full Quality Control package for your documentation and piece of mind. Ask yourself, “Am I getting that kind of assurance from my current manufacturer?”.

NWP is a member of the Alberta Quality Program (AQP-1253). All of NWP Industries products are build in accordance to ASME and EUB standards. For more details about our quality programs and processes contact NWP directly. We are always happy to brag.



    • ABSA
    • Construction ASME Section VIII-1 Pressure Vessels
    • Construct, Repair/Alter ASME B31.1 Pressure Piping
    • Construct, Repair/Alter ASME B31.3 Pressure Piping
    • Repair/Alter ASME Section V111-1 Pressure Vessels
    • Construct, Repair/Alter Category A&H Fittings in accordance with CSA B51
    • Canadian Welding Bureau (CWB), CSA Standard W47.1, Division 2.1

    Award-Winning Quality Program

    NWP has a history of meeting and exceeding our customer’s standards. We have been recognized twice for our diligence to produce quality production equipment. NWP is very proud of these achievements as it reinforces our commitment to manufacturing at the highest level in our industry.