“DuoVault” 400 BBL Tank

Project Specs

Enviro Vault DuoVault 400bbl Tank

  • The DuoVault is a “Tank-in-a-Tank” design created to allow oil and gas producers to comply with current and anticipated tank regulations
  • 110% secondary containment
  • Breached secondary containment site glass and shut down
  • No need for berm/dyke system which keeps operators and truckers out of confined space berm area, and eliminates berm installation and removal cost each time the tank is removed
  • Unique “internal” design of valves and piping allows for ease of portability
  • No costly add-on in the field – the DuoVault comes “field ready”
  • Utilizes safe, efficient, clean catalytic heat to freeze protect tank contents while also providing heat for valves and piping
  • As with every Enviro Vault model the DuoVault comes with an unmatched unparalleled heat spill containment area for valves and piping including high level shutdown switch
  • “Heated” Spill containment

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