Privacy Policy

NWP Group of Companies is committed to safeguarding your personal information and our privacy policy is incorporated in our Business Policy & Code of Business Ethics. Our policies apply to all our employees who collect, use, disclose or have access to our customers’ personal information. At NWP we have modeled our privacy policy and practice to be consistent with the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act of Canada which took effect January 1, 2001 and the Fighting Internet and Wireless Spam bill, Bill C-28 passed December 15, 2010.

At the time we ask you to provide us with information, we will identify and disclose to you the purposes for which we collect your information. The information we collect from you will be with your consent. We collect personally identifying information from you by lawful means and we collect no more information than we need for the purposes we state. We will fully identify to you the purposes for which we collect information at the time we ask you for it. We will not use personally identifying information for any purpose whatsoever beyond what we have told you.

NWP will not disclose any personally identifying information about an individual, without your knowledge and explicit permission or as required by law. We will disclose your personally identifying information only to the extent to which you have granted us permission to do so. We will retain this information only as long as you permit us to do so. The Act does not apply to personal employment information which could identify the name, title, business address or telephone number of an employee of an organization, but this information will not be disclosed by NWP without your consent or as required by law.

Personally identifying information” is information that can be explicitly used to identify and/or contact you as an individual. This includes information like your real name, e-mail address, mailing address, phone number, credit card number, etc. Information that, by itself, cannot be explicitly linked with your “real” identity is not considered personally identifying.

If at any time you believe that we are not following this Privacy Policy, please contact us with your concerns. We will respond to you as soon as reasonably possible.