Health & Safety Policy Statement

NWP Industries is committed to being a Leader in our Industry by setting a Best Practise Standard in all work we perform.  Safety First is the key component of our business culture and this is reflected by the measurable and proven results in our efforts to effectively safeguard our Employees, Property, Customers, Contractors, Community and our surrounding environment at large.

Safety is the absolute responsibility of every Person on the site and each worker has ownership in the Safety Management System.

Senior Managers are responsible to support, drive, direct, follow and review the safety program.  Supervisors are responsible to support, drive, train, follow and document the safety efforts.  Workers are responsible to support, observe, follow and accept all training in the safety system and at all times ensure they protect themselves and those working around them.

NWP Industries Inc. demonstrates and maintains high safety standards as expected by our clients and in turn expects all site Contractors to be responsible for maintaining their safety systems to mirror those of the site.

Visitors are responsible to adhere to all site standards and requirements at all times.

All persons performing work on NWP Industries Inc. sites are aware of their legislated and legal obligation to refuse unsafe work.

The NWP Industries Inc. Safety Management System adheres to all Safety and Professional guidelines locally, provincially and federally as well as meeting all Worker’s Compensation Board and Safety Industry Partnership – Partners in Injury Reduction guidelines.


Mitch DeBelser


Mitch DeBelser  – President



Management Team:


Shannon Fischer
Faron Ritz


Shannon Fischer – GM
Faron Ritz – Operations Manager