4.0 MM BTU/HR Line Heater Package



72″ x 32′ Bath,  4,000,000 BTU/HR Heater, NWP Industries manufactured.

c/w Expansion Tank, 24″ removable U-tube fire tube & Stack

Sweet or Sour service process coil

Multiple preheat coil configuration: 2500,1500, 900, 600 ANSI

Multiple reheat coil configuration: 2500, 1500, 900, 600, 300, 150 ANSI

B149.3 compliant BMS

Units are insulated with 1-1/2″ Mineral Wool Insulation with Aluminum Outer Cladding

Instrumentation enclosed in controls box.

Unit is skid mounted with wide flange skid.

Heater is packaged in accordance with ASME Section VIII / B31.3

Optional choke